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Let Us Help You Create Real Wealth

Join Other Doctors Who Have Built Financial Freedom

Through Passive Real Estate Investing

Let Us Help You Create Real Wealth

Join Other Doctors Who Have Built Financial Freedom

Through Passive Real Estate Investing

Let Us Help You Create Real Wealth

Join Other Doctors Who Have Built Financial Freedom

Through Passive Real Estate Investing

Our Process to Help You Build Wealth

We Start by Listening to You

We seek to gain clarity about who you are and where you want to go.  We begin by discussing your needs and work with you in accomplishing your financial goals.  We understand that you likely have other investments, however we believe real estate is an integral part of a balanced portfolio.


We Customize Your Real Estate Portfolio

We customize your portfolio to reflect you goals, preferences, and skills.  Looking to diversify your portfolio? Invest in real estate?  Divest out of real estate or a business?  Create hassle free cash flow?  Build a secure retirement?  We can structure a portfolio to meet your needs.

We Help Keep You On Course

The time to worry about an investment is before you make it.  We have helped countless investors unravel mistakes that could have been avoided – if only they had known.  Let us guide you in structuring a portfolio to attain your goals – and steer clear of the hazards!  

You Want to Secure Your Financial Future

Real Wealth Doctor Helps You Get There

If you are a:

  • Physician

  • Dentist

  • Nurse

  • Physician Assistant

  • Pharmacist

  • Optometrist

  • Psychologist

  • Audiologist

  • Allied Health Professional

  • Health Administration Professional

You are in the right place!

Foreword by Marishka Pilch and Larry Gill

Doctor, Are You Letting Money Slip Through Your Fingers?

Join a conversation about a taboo topic from one physician to another.


  • What your number-one expense is.  (Hint: it’s not your house or your kids’ college education.)

  • How biology impacts your ability to build wealth.

  • Whether you’re vulnerable to Dumb Doctor Deals.

  • How to protect yourself from financial predators.

  • How YOU can avoid financial missteps that erode wealth.


Who we are… 

We have over 30 years of experience making loans, investing in notes, and buying and selling real estate nationwide.  Our passion is to bring creative and alternative solutions to remedy our client’s real estate and/or cash flow headaches.  We particularly enjoy working with doctors and other health professionals, because we admire their dedication to help their patients define and solve or manage their healthcare issues. Earlier in our careers, we both had the privilege of working with and for doctors and other health care providers.  During that time, we discovered that while they were often experts in their field, many health professionals had large gaps in their understanding of business and finance, and they were often the target of unscrupulous schemers. 

We feel blessed that we have been able to create the lives of their dreams through passive real estate investments.  Now we help doctors create the lives that they want – and make work optional.

Let us help you.

Larry Gill and Marishka Pilch



Marishka and Larry have really helped me clarify my goals.  They helped me put things into very actionable steps that I can do.  We’ve had a number of heart to heart talks…and they are extremely knowledgeable in the real estate space.  They have helped me with finding and purchasing cash flowing real estate investments to grow my retirement funds.  I highly recommend them.

Jeffrey Wang, DMD, MS

Board Certified Periodontist & Implant Specialist

I am a Pharmacist, and part-time real estate investor.  A primary benefit of being a landlord is the financials.  The difficulty of being a landlord, especially when you have a full time career, is dealing with difficult tenants and fixing problems that come up.

I decided to work with Larry and Marishka because they’re a great team and very easy to work with.  They gave me solutions to be more passive in my business.  They deliver what they promised.   I’m really pleased with my decision to work with them.  
Sombo Vorng


Larry and Marishka have helped us navigate many real estate opportunities. There is no problem for which they don’t have a creative, win-win solution. On top of their experience, they are such a joy to work with! The personal and relational touch they give is every bit as valuable as the experience and advice they offer! We cannot recommend a better team to trust with your investing needs.

Elizabeth and Dr. Ken Barrett

Entrepreneur - Coach - Business Consultant

Let Real Wealth Doctor Help You Create Financial Freedom...and make work optional.

Disclaimer: Information provided for informational purposes only. Please seek competent legal, tax or investment advice as appropriate.  All Investments involves risk and possible loss of principal.